National Aerospace Resource Centre

NARC Overview

The Australian Division and its Branches have each collected libraries of Aeronautically oriented archives including books, magazines, papers and videos.

The major collection forms part of the resources of the National Aerospace Resource Centre (NARC).

The NARC is housed in the library complex of RMIT University and contains:

  • Technical reports from NASA, NACA, AMRL and DSTO
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Books
  • Aircraft manuals
  • Historical journal collection

NARC Database

The contents are now listed on a dedicated NARC database accessible here or searched at the centre or at the RMIT Swanston Library.

NARC Location

The NARC is located at:

Building 210
RMIT University Bundoora West Campus
Plenty Road, Bundoora, Victoria

Donations to the NARC

Donations of additional data for the collection are always welcome.

Please contact the Division or Branches for further information.