Papers and Presentations

A selection of papers and presentations delivered to branches of the Royal Aeronautical Society Australian Division

RAeS Adelaide Branch - Boeing Defence Australia Brief to the RAeS Adelaide Branch

Presentation given to the Adelaide Branch on 4 July 2017.

The presentation slides are available here.

RAeS Adelaide Branch - So How Could a Mobile Phone Affect the AoA Sensor on an Airbus?

On 7th October 2008, Airbus A330-303 registered VH-QPA, experienced two uncommanded pitch-down events, approximately 154 km West of Learmonth, Western Australia. The uncommanded pitch-downs were the result of the flight control systems responding to spikes on the Angle of Attack (AOA) output from the Air Data Inertial Reference Unit (ADIRU) that were interpreted as stall conditions. This presentation explores the possibility that electromagnetic interference played a part in the incident.

Dr Paul Kay, has worked with radio frequency telecommunications and electromagnetic compatibility for 25 years. As a result of his interest in the potential for personal electronic devices to interfere with highly robust aircraft navigation systems, he proposed and investigated hypothesis regarding the AoA sensor on an Airbus following an event of the NW coast of Australia. During this presentation, Dr Kay will discuss how a mobile phone, coupling through the aircraft skin, could have caused the reported AoA spikes that affected QF72.

The presentation slides are available here.

RAeS Adelaide Branch - NextGen Air Traffic Control Systems

Ms Imogen Domin is the first Australian student to participate in the NextGen Test Bed International Harmonization internship conducted at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University located in Dayton Beach Florida USA. NextGen will take US ATM from the current legacy systems — inexact ground-based radar and inefficient point-to-point information sharing — to satellite-based technology, which allows for precise tracking of aircraft and a collaborative decision-making process utilizing real-time shared data. NextGen is expected to reduce delays, save fuel, and lower aircraft exhaust emissions.

Imogen was one of only eight students selected internationally to work at the NextGen Test Bed. Imogen holds a Bachelor of Aviation and is now completing a Graduate Diploma in Human Factors and Safety Management Systems at UniSA and be working to complete her CPL flight training upon her return to Australia.

The presentation slides are available here.

View the NextGen Test Bed video demonstration here.

Eminent Speaker Program - Prof. Takashi Ishikawa, National Composite Center of Japan

In March 2013, Prof Takashi Ishikawa, Director of the National Composite Center in Nagoya, Japan and formerly the Executive Director of the Aeronautics Research Directorate of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) delivered an Eminent Speaker Presentation to the Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne branches on An Overview of Japanese Aeronautics and Future Directions. The presentation slides are available here.

Dr Kotaite speech to 2012 Aviation Leadership Summit

Address by the President Emeritus of the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Dr. Assad Kotaite to the 2012 Aviation Leadership Summit held 12-13 February, in conjunction with Singapore Airshow 2012. Excerpts from this speech were published in the April 2012 Sydney Branch Newsletter which was of great interest a number of members especially those involved in satellite/space launches. The full speech is available here.

Eminent Speaker Program - Doug Arbuckle, FAA Air Traffic Organisation

In March 2012, Doug Arbuckle, senior adviser for surveillance and positioning, navigation and timing (PNT), joint planning and development office, and chief scientist and international lead, surveillance and broadcast services for the FAA Air Traffic Organisation in the USA presents "Next Generation Air Traffic Management – Promises, Pitfalls and Progress" delivered to the Sydney Branch. The presentation slides are available here.

Mr Ron Bartsch, Managing Director, Avlaw Pty Ltd, on the link between aviation safety and profitability

In May 2011, Mr Ron Bartsch delivered this presentation on Making airlines more profitable by making them safer to the Sydney Branch The presentation slides are available here.

Eminent Speaker Program - Dr. Mark Shuart

In March 2011, the RAeS Australian Division supported an Eminent Speaker tour by Dr Mark Shuart on Advanced Composites Technologies for Heavy Lift Launch Vehicles. The tour was hosted by the Joint Board for Aerospace Engineering (Engineers Australia and RAeS). A video stream of the presentation is available here.  The presentation slides from Dr Shuart's tour are available here.

Eminent Speaker Program - Dr. John Hart-Smith

In December 2010, the RAeS Australian Division supported an Eminent Speaker tour by Dr John Hart-Smith on Lessons learned by one Aerospace Structures Engineer in a 40-year career. The tour was hosted by the National Committee on Applied Mechanics of Engineers Australia.  The presentation slides from Dr Hart-Smith's tour are available here.

Dr. Bill Schofield on Dr. David Warren and the Black Box

In December 2010, Dr Bill Schofield FRAeS delivered this presentation on Dr David Warren AO titled "The Scientist, The Black Box Saga and Lessons learnt to the Melbourne Branch as the annual Hargrave Lecture.  The presentation notes and photos are available to download here.

On March 23, 2015, the BBC World Service broadcast a programme titled "The Invention of the Black Box", a story about the invention of the Black Box and inventor David Warren.

Download the podcast here.