Centenary of Powered Flight in Australia

John Scott takes a look at the first flights in Australia

During 2003, The Royal Aeronautical Society - Australian Division and its Branches held a number of special events celebrating the centenary of powered flight. The focal point of these celebrations was the Centenary of Flight Dinner, held on 17 December, at The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, to coincide with the centenary of the Wright Brothers momentous achievement at Kitty Hawk on the 17 December, 1903.

Since 2003, there have been ongoing celebrations as individual nations have reflected on their own contributions to a technology that has so profoundly reshaped our world.

Hoever, the anniversary of the actual first powered flight in Australia has aroused considerable controversy over exactly who made the first successful attempt.

RAeS member John Scott has compiled a fascinating summary of the activities at the time which have helped to clarify events and claims - in short, it all depends on how one defines "the first flight".

Another interesting article assembled by Museum Victoria can be accessed here.